Any good podcasts/Youtube recommendation?

Hallo Leute!
I’m learning German at the moment and was wondering if you had any good tips on Youtube channels or podcasts I could listen to?
I’m aiming to take the B1 German exam by the end of this year so I need to practice my listening skills.

I really enjoy Nico’s Weg and Deutschland Labor in the German media, so anything similar would work for me :smiley:

Danke sehr!


Hey Geraldine.
This here is actually no Youtube channel, but it has a lot of podcasts and videos. Nico’s Weg is also included, but there’s a lot more to discover:ür-das-niveau-b1/s-13216.
My favorite on this page: “Das sagt man so” - more than 50 German proverbs used nearly every day.
Enjoy it!


DW does have a big YouTube channel for German learning!


I realised recently I did not know much of German history - and I’ve just finished the German B2 curriculum so I had no new video content to watch on Chatterbug. So I searched and found this channel about Germany’s (and Europe to some extent) history if you’re interested in the topic.

The 5 to 20 minutes videos are quite serious, but the guy has a very clear way of speaking in my opinion which makes it completely understandable as a B2 and I believe it would not be so hard as a B1 :slight_smile:

(although I must confess, a few weeks later, I may have remembered only 2% of the information in the videos I watched, but it’s still a good exercise I guess).


I enjoy [News in Slow German]. It exists in many languages, but is updated frequently and has relevant up-to-date news with appropriate vocabulary. I have it as an app and it allows you to look up words while listening.


My mom is a German teacher and she loves suggesting the ARD Mediathek to her students. It isn’t necessarily made for German learners but it has a lot of really well made and free content in German with good visuals and thorough explanations


Sweet! Thanks everyone! No excuses not to listen to German now :laughing:

This one is for advanced German speakers who are around Level B2 at least:

Everyday or every other day they have podcasts and Interview about different topics, but always related to the Humanities and society. The length of each Interview/report/podcast varies between 4-70 minutes. I listen to them regularly during my week. They can be downloaded, too.


I also find this YouTube channel very interesting. If the students want to prepare for the B1, B2 exam, I think this channel is very helpful for the listening part. There are many beautiful stories on this channel as well as news with subtitles.
You can also try to take notes while listening. In the end, You can compare your writing with the subtitle in the video and estimate how well you can handle the dictations :blush:


Moin dear German learners :raising_hand_woman:t4:
Today a student recommended this YouTube channel to me. I think it’s a very helpful channel to learn German verbs and would like to share it with you :slight_smile:
Each video is about a verb. The man explains the verb and gives many examples in English for it and explains how to use it in German.
enjoy learning :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hey Geraldine,

There is an interesting YouTube channel called “Dinge Erklärt – Kurzgesagt”, which has lots of animated videos about scientific topics.
The German voice on these videos speaks clearly and has a pleasant voice to listen to.
Below is the YouTube channel link:

Have fun.


Such good suggestions! If you’re a bit more advanced and want to start watching German series and movies, but don’t know where to start, I suggest
When you sign up, you can choose what topics and genres you’re interested in and they create a feed of content that could be a good match. I use this a lot to get an overview of what’s available in the Mediatheks (I’m too lazy to browse each one individually). Oh, and it’s free! Happy binge-watching :wink:


Yesterday, I watched with my wife a very beautiful, tragic and dramatic, but also funny movie: “Es war einmal in Deutschland”

The German in this movie is at times mixed with a bit of Yiddish accent, which makes it a bit complicated to understand. And there are also some interesting German words with Hebrew or Yiddish origin in it.

I love this movie because of it’s Jewish jokes in it (not jokes about Jews, but the original Jewish humor, where you have to meditate a lot in order to get the joke).

Let me know if you understood the German in this movie and how you liked it!