Apprendre le Français à travers des recettes

Hi everyone and especially French learners! :slight_smile:

If you are like me and adore eating, what better way to learn French through recipes?

LIke we say in Frenh “joindre l’utile à l’agréable” - combine business with pleasure :wink:

I found this blog where you can get simple recipes like this one:

Here is the link to the blog and other yummy recipes :blush: :grinning:


Great Anna ! Which french meal do you prefer ? which recipe would you recommend ?


I have a sweet tooth haha, so I usually go for like a cheesecake, “amandine” or “Tarte aux fraises” but I also like a “Croque monsieur” from time to time.
I would definitely recommend the “Croque-camembert”. If you don’t have camembert, any other chesse will do! :wink:
@Julie_france and you?