Article not being picked up for words added from Texts

Hi Chatterbug Team,

Everytime I add a new word from a text to my cards, it is never showed in the cards with the article.
If i type the word with the correct article the answer is marked as wrong. Could this be looked into? It would be cool if the words we add from texts we read would come up in the cards with the article.

Thank you and have a nice one!

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Hi Ileanal,

Thanks for your message. So the way that it works when you add a card from a reading is it takes the exact translation, which means the system uses a strict comparison of the word. This is why the articles are not registering. I have brought this to the attention of our engineers so it is on their radar to see how we can improve custom flashcards, because it definitely makes sense to learn the article as well!

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Thank you! Have a nice weekend :smiley:

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