Asha from Germany

Hello. My name is Asha and I live in Germany. I was born and raised in India and as a child I moved with my Family to the Black Forest, that is in the south of Germany. Growing up I spoke 3 languages. German, Englisch and a native Indian Dialekt. Meanwhile I now live in Rheinland- Pfalz.
My passion is traveling, which we do as often as possible in our own self built truck.
In my free time, I love reading, meeting friends and have a great time and to be out and about.


Welcome, Asha :blush:

Hey Asha! Willkommen :blush:

Danke. Freue mich hier zu sein.

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Hallo JoAnn,
Danke, freue mich.

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I’m curious @Asha.Polster what language are you tutoring at the moment? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I’m teaching German.

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Hi @Asha.Polster,
I’m so sorry I missed another lesson today. My work and the power cuts in South Africa are making it difficult. I’ve cancelled my subscription until I’m back in Vienna again (in June/July). I have 1 more token for this month and will book a slot with you on Friday (which I probably won’t be able to make but I hope you get paid for it in any case). Thanks again for all the lessons and speak soon!

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Hi KJ,

thanks soo much for reachung out. I really appreciate you letting me know am glad to be able to contact you too. Last time I could not let you know, that I was sick.
No worries. All good. Glad to hear your doing fine. Enyoy your stay and we will catch up lessons when your back.
Take care

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Hi Asha,

I look forward to our first lesson later. I am based in the UK, but we have a subdiary in Germany. I wish to improve my German to help me communicate when I visit my colleagues in Germany.

Hi Jeremy,

happy to hear. See you in bit.

Hi @Asha.Polster , nice to meet you :smiley: :wave: