Availability Settings & Breaks

Hi everyone,

During these crazy times, many of us have a different schedule than usual. That’s why I thought it’s a good moment to remind you, that you have the possibility to set one-time-availabilities in your schedule. :spiral_calendar: :clock3:

Are you available just this one time or every week?

When you set your availability in your schedule, you can check or uncheck a little box that says “repeat this availability each week”. This way, you can set one-time-availabilities or weekly reoccurring availabilities. You can choose whatever matches your personal schedule best.

It is very important to keep your availability up to date so your Tutor Level is in good standing. By setting up your availability correctly you can avoid unnecessary hits on your confirmation rate.

Do you have more or less time than usual?

Adjust your tutoring limits by setting your Schedule Goals accordingly.

Let me know if you have any questions! :catbee:


Taking breaks

One year into the pandemic, many of us spend lots of hours in front of a screen every day. Something I learned, that is related, is how important it is to take breaks - not only from the student but from the screen, too.

I used to set up availability blocks of 1,5 hours ( = 2 Live Lessons of 45min) with planned breaks in-between. In the past, I’ve worked as a primary school teacher and in the physical classroom, with the little ones, I barely had any breaks. So these scheduled breaks are something I valued.

Here is an example:

I’m curious how you work. How are you setting up your availability? Recurring availability, one-time-availability? Do you schedule breaks? Share your habits with us. Maybe it helps another tutor!


Thanks for this great reminder! At times, I have four or five LLs one after another, and that’s quite tiring. So, I have to make more brakes between scheduled LL blocks :wink:


@kjanina thanks for that example from June 1st. It’s an great idea to schedule the breaks by your own… :smirk:

But I have a BIG question on that:
I would like to have the regular appointments in my calendar. Bus sometimes you need to change your plans - as life is happening. :wink:
But it would be great if it wouldn’t delete the whole weeks after… so then I have to set EVERY week manually after that. >> Example:
I have a regular schedule with 7 - 10am every day. But then I would need to take the morning off next week as I have an important appointment. When I now delete the Wednesday and schedule a onetime availability, it’s deleted everywhere and I have to set it in every week new again. :roll_eyes:

I’ve already asked Chatterbug to change that. Maybe there’s a change soon? :smirk:


That’s how it works right now. But I also hope that there will be a change soon.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback, @ClaudiP. Yes, this is definitely a limitation of our availability calendar that we are aware of. I can assure you that it is on our list of improvements to be made as soon as we can dedicate the resources to make this kind of change to the system! Technically it is quite a complex task. We will of course keep our Tutor Community informed when these updates are made.


Thanks for brining that up. It is indeed a bit complicated to take one day off or deviate form one’s regular schedule because of this. Although it still works to change the upcoming weeks manually afterwards.
Also thank you @Maddy11 for taking it into consideration :pray:


Dear @Maddy11 thanks a lot for taking this in consideration and working on it. I can imagaine that your schedule is full with any improvements etc. about the Chatterbug system, but I’m sure you’ll find a solution soon. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I am still very new to Chatterbug, but have found that breaks inbetween are super important! :relaxed: I always do my best with every student, no matter how mentally tired I might be. Having breaks in between (even 15 minutes) helps me to mentally prepare for the next class and be ready for any situation I might face. :thought_balloon:
I have not quite yet figured out what my schedule strategy will be, but I know that there will definitely be breaks inbetween. :tulip:

Thank you for bringing up the topic of weekly scheduling. I actually thought I was doing something wrong :see_no_evil: