Beginning of the 5th season

Today is the beginning of the 5th season here in Germany. It’s called “Karneval” :clown_face:
People in Berlin don’t care that much about it, but my grandmother was from Cologne ( Köln ) and I always need one of these on this day :wink:

The name is Berliner, Berliner-Pfannkuchen or Pfannkuchen depending on whom you ask here in Berlin :joy:
…what about you? Do you care, or not at all ?..or maybe your bakery has a even greater choice :thinking:


:heart_eyes: Those look so yummy!

My friends in Stuttgart used to dress up for “Karneval”. But this is the first time I spend this season up north, so I will definitely take a look if I find something in the bakeries nearby :blush:.


I bet you will :wink:


I love Berliner. Where i grew up in Hessen, we do have Karneval but since my family spent a lot of my childhood years in Berlín, we never really made a tradition of it.
I dont like wearing costumes so i dont miss anything hehehehe


I love the 5th season and I miss this tradition in scotland :frowning:
By the way: I love “Kreppel” (the name for Berliner in Hessen) <3


That looks very delicious! I wish I could buy some of them too :sweat_smile: I grew up on the lake of Constance , there they like to celebrate Karneval :slightly_smiling_face:


“Kreppel” interesting, never heard that term before :thinking:


Do they have something traditional instead then?..or are people in Constance no sweet tooths? :thinking: :clown_face: :joy:

Usually there is always a large selection of Berliner in Konstanz :heart_eyes:, but at the moment I’m not there to eat some of them , so I have to wait. :drooling_face:


In the Southwest we don’t really celebrate “Karneval”, here it’s called “Fastnacht” (or “Fasnet” where I come from). It’s similar, but not quite the same as the Karneval in Rheinland.

There are a lot of regional differences when it comes to the 5th season - it’s called:

  • Karneval in most of Norddeutschland and the Rheinland
  • Fasching in Bayern, Sachsen, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Österreich
  • Fastnacht in Südwestdeutschland, like Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Baden-Württemberg and the Saarland

We have Berliner too (my Grandma does them every year), but traditionally we eat “Fasnetsküchle” and “Scherbe”.

Here you can find a recipe for the Scherben! :heart_eyes_cat:


H @Toby,

wow great explanation about the 5th season :smiley:. Of course I didn’t know a lot of things, but “your” recipe looks delicious :yum:

Here is what Fasnacht looks like in my hometown Konstanz, in Baden-Württemberg, at the border to Switzerland :slight_smile:

The people who dress up during the week of Fasnacht are called Narren and/or Mäschgerle. I wonder how they are called in other regions?