Besprechen vs sprechen

I’ve got this correction for my writing practices a few times so I’d like to clarify this moment.
I’ve always used the verb sprechen with the preposition über and the verb besprechen without any preposition at all.
Sometimes I get texts with besprechen corrected to use this verb with the über preposition. I have tried searching it on the internet and found only examples without this preposition.
So my question is whether this correction is right or not.


You are right, “besprechen” is used without a preposition. Rather, it tends to replace the “über” used with “sprechen”
For example:
“Ich spreche mit Peter über das Projekt.”
“Ich bespreche das Projekt mit Peter.”
So – in my humble opinion – the correction you are getting is not right. Hope this helps a bit!

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@ameliea thank you for your reply! When it’s about learning a language, I always prefer to recheck what I know.

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