Black Friday madness

Hi fellow Chatterbugs !

I dont know about you but here in North Mexico and the U.S. people are already preparing mentally for BLACK FRIDAY!

But what is Black Friday and where does it come from??

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the United States of America since 1952.
It was initially called Black Friday by police and firemen because of the high amount of traffic and therefore higher amount of traffic accidents the day after Thanksgiving.

Have you ever experienced a Black Friday in the US?

My first and only experience of it was a couple of years ago where I actually waited in front of a Best Buy, a store for technical/media products, since Thursday evening in order to buy a laptop and a TV.
It was in fact much cheaper and I considered myself super lucky for the deal I made.

Now, I stay as far away from Black Friday as I possibly can because it is just too stressful and exhausting for me.

It really is craziness how people act on that day and I even have seen people actually fight over the last products available in a Target, hahaha!

What do you think about this American tradition? Is it worth the experience? Do you look for special deals on this specific day? Do you spend hours online to look for offers?

Do you try to get your Christmas shopping done early? Or are you a kind of last-minute shopper like me?
I try every year to buy all my presents in the first half of December, but I never actually managed to do so.

I would love to hear all about your Black Friday experiences and your Christmas shopping rituals, so please chatter away :grinning:

I wish all of you a great week!



Great post @Lari1108. I wasn’t aware of this history. Very interesting. :nerd_face:
Black Friday is advertised in South Africa and there are some stores that have some super sales running, but I don’t think it is nearly as big as it is in the States.

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This day is getting close, and I can see the discounts all over my social media :sweat_smile:. Actually, I like to get my Christmas shopping done early, but I don’t buy when these type of events happen. I’ve discovered they change the prices, and sometimes you end up paying even more for some things. Of course, it is not always like this, but I’ve seen it before so… :grimacing:.