Black lives Matter! Correct Translation?

at first I want to say, that my prayers are with George Floyd and his family. Justice for George Floyd!
I use Instagram. I received massages from POTUS - the President of the United States. I read the messages and try to translate them. This massage comes today - so true!
“I can’t breathe”
Those were George Floyd`s last words.
We cannot let them die with him. We have to keep hearing them.
We must not turn away. We cannot turn away.
Is the following translation correct?
“Ich kann nicht atmen!”
Dies waren George Floyds letzte Worte.
Wir können diese Worte nicht mit ihm sterben lassen.
Wir müssen sie weiterhin anhören.
Wir dürfen uns nicht abwenden. Wir können uns nicht abwenden.
Thank you for help!
Ciao Danielaxxx


Hi, Daniela! The translation is quite accurate, the only thing I’d mention is the apostrophe in English is usually like this: Floyd’s. Otherwise, I commend you and agree, there is much work to done.


Ary K