Book recommendations for learning grammar

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I was asked by a student recently, if I had any recommendations for a book that supplements their learning on Chatterbug. Specifically on grammar rules. Something that can be used to look up things in between lessons and to keep growing with.
I immediately thought of the standard literature like:

  • Die Grammatik - Duden
  • Essential Grammar in Use - by Raymond Murphy
  • Practice Makes Perfect Complete German Grammar - by Edward Swick

but these are so extensive and can be overwhelming and a bit too much all at once, plus there is a lot of info about exceptions. They can be great, but really tend to go into course book territory.

So the question is, has anyone come across a compact and simple little grammar book?
Maybe even a small paperback pocket book?

Would love to get some suggestions

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I am using Grammatik Aktiv - Cornelsen A1-B1.
I think it’s the German equivalent for “English Grammer in Use” books from Cambridge.
Each section takes 2 pages one mostly covers the grammar rules and the other is for exercises.

And I can’t be happier about it! I definitely recommend it for those stuck in between A1 and A2 or A2 and B1.


Thank you so much! :blush:

I still find myself reaching for the laminated double-sided grammar reference guide I bought from Amazon years ago. It won’t teach the grammar concepts in any detail, but it’s a good aid for writing exercises or to jog your memory.


You’re right its a simple yet elegant cheat sheet for students as well as tutors. Do you know which one you bought exactly and if it’s still available. I’d love to suggest it to my students or maybe have a look at it myself :blush:

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I recommend “Langenscheidt Grammatiktraining Deutsch als Fremdsprache” for levels A1-B1. There are a lot of exercises and it’s really great for practicing basic but tricky grammar rules. I still use it from time to time!


Thanks for the suggestion :blush:

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I think it’s this one that I’ve got, although mine must be an older edition:

German Grammar: QuickStudy Laminated Reference Guide