Camille from France, currently in Brazil! 🌎

Hi everyone!

After giving birth to Luna on May 28th, I am finally coming back to Chatterbug slowly from this month of July :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I hope to see you soon again! :smiley:

My name is Camille, and I am from a small town in northern France called Saint-Omer (Around 15,000 inhabitants). Small today, it was one of the most important cities in the Middle Age, and I was surprised when I realised the famous French writer Victor Hugo even mentions it in several of his books… :smile:

BUT it is also a cold and rainy place (Do you picture the famous British weather? Well, it is about the same… :umbrella: :wind_face:) and I soon wanted to travel as soon as I could and go discover new places. I first went to study for a year in the middle of Ireland (Athlone), where I found myself with so many foreigners just like me. It was such a great experience already (Except for the weather, again :rofl: ). I got to learn about so many different cultures all in one place, and got literally passionate about it. I almost couldn’t speak any English when I got there (school classes did not succeed with me) and I had to go through such difficulties, especially on my arrival day. After a few weeks only, everything was perfect and I was living the dream. By the end of the year, I graduated in International Business and Management and even learnt quite a lot of Italian at the time by living with 7 of them… :laughing:
I came back to France where I studied as well with foreigners whom I loved to help learn some French. Later, I left for 6 months in Spain (Santander, Cantabria) where I learnt Spanish :smiley:
After those amazing experiences I wanted another challenge and try to live outside Europe… + I was dying to experience the “flip-flop life”, as I love to call it :desert_island: :dark_sunglasses:
With the help of some friends, I went to finish my master by a 6 months internship in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean… That ended up in almost 3 years living in PARADISE. I launched my company in tourism and made sure that everyone who came on the island would have an amazing AUTHENTIC time there.
Even though I started traveling again lately (I wanted to make sure that DR was the place I wanted to spend my life in by traveling a bit more): I started a WHV in January 2020 in New Zealand, where I spent 2 blessed years, away from Covid-19 :pray:
During our experience with my partner Tristan, we also spent 3 months in the Cook islands: On Rarotonga and Aitutaki. It felt lovely to enjoy the tropical vibe again.
For now, we just arrived to Brazil in March 2022, Florianópolis, where we plan to live a new adventure for the next few months that will change our life forever… :pregnant_woman:t3:
I definitely feel that learning from others is what makes us richer and that there is always more to learn… That’s also probably a way to make the world a better place :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Today I can speak French, Spanish and English fluently. I should practice again Italian as I have lost a lot of what I had learnt a few years back. I started to learn Portuguese, and I love to learn words/sentences in the languages of close people I meet: Turkish, Arabic, Urdu, Russian, Maori, Hebrew… If only I had time to learn them all! :rofl:

Otherwise, I am also a freelance Social Media moderator and a horse-riding teacher (My passion since I am 3yo) and currently doing a trust-technique course, which is more about taking the relationship with animals around us to another level and help every owner and animal make the best of their relationship.

I really look forward to meeting you all and take care!
À bientôt,
Camille :hugs:


@Camille.TerRa That sounds really great and awesome. We hope you enjoy tutoring with Chatterbug as you are moving from one beautiful place to another :wink:


salut Camille. when is it possible to book another Live Lesson with you? best regards. Mario

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Bonjour Mario !
If you haven’t yet made Camille your favorite tutor, here are the steps to follow! You can favorite tutors and then see their availability first when you want to book a lesson!

Also, I don’t know if you’ve seen that Camille recently updated her profile saying that she was reducing her availability with the imminent arrival of her baby :hatching_chick: (Félicitations @Camille.TerRa ! :tada:) :blush:


Salut Mario, it’s really nice to read you!
As @Amandine said (Thank you by the way :smiley: ), I am just taking a few weeks off to get ready for the arrival of baby :blush:
But I hope to be back as soon as I can and will be very glad to have again a Live Lesson with you!
Take care and I hope you will learn a lot in the meantime :hugs:


salut salut ! so good to hear from you. I will do that. all the best to you and cya soon ! Mario.