Live Lessons: How to Favorite Tutors

Chatterbug gives you the possibility to work with a different tutor every day. But if you’d rather build a long term relationship with a trusted tutor, Chatterbug allows you to do that too. At the end of each Live Lesson, we ask you to rate the tutor’s performance and give us feedback about the session. Once you rate a tutor, their name will be added to your calendar and you’ll be able to filter the proposed Live Lesson slots in order to book specific tutors.

Just head to Live Lessons on your sidebar :point_right:t4: hit the “filter by Tutors” button above the schedule :point_right:t4: select the tutors whose availability you’d like to see and book your lessons accordingly.

Favorite tutors you never worked with

Now, thanks to our Tutor Profiles, you can also favorite tutors you never worked with before. To do so, head to our Community Forum :point_right:t4: Tutor Introductions :point_right:t4: Tutor’s profile :point_right:t4: Favorite.

Once you’ve favorited a tutor on their profile, their name will appear on your scheduler and you will be able to book lessons with them specifically. However, bear in mind that requesting a lesson with a specific tutor is not a 100% guarantee that the lesson will end up taking place with that tutor.

If a specific tutor is fully booked and does not take any more lesson requests for the week, a “fully booked” notice will show up next to their name on the tutor filter.

Block a tutor

At the end of a Live Lesson, when you’re asked to rate the tutor’s performance, you can thumb them down if you’d rather not take lessons with them anymore. This will effectively block them and we will no longer match you with said tutor. We understand that sometimes people are just not a good fit and tutors are not notified when they’ve been blocked.

You can also block a tutor via their tutor profile.