Can I mark A/B-level vocabulary as "known"?

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Is it possible to manually mark vocab from certain levels as “known” (in bulk)? I have started on chatterbug on the C1 level and in the flashcard sessions I get lots of A1/A2 vocab. It would be great if I could somehow mark all A1/A2/B1 vocab as “known”. Is this possible?

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Hey @mattrl, so unfortunately you cannot mark vocab as “known” in bulk. You have to go through the words one by one. Just curious, how are you studying flashcards atm, as you shouldn’t actually be getting words from lower levels? Are you studying via the Flashcard section on the sidebar or via individual units through the study now button? This could help us figure out why this could be happening.

Hi, thanks for your reply :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure I’m doing it through the “study now” button. But it could be that I’ve done it a couple of times through the sidebar.

If it makes it clearer, the words pop up in the middle, they are not the “taught” words at the start which pop up with the answer shown.