Can I only take Live Lessons?

Well this one’s tricky! Technically, you can take just Live Lessons and advance through the levels that way, but by doing so, you would be missing some core learning material that’s only available in our Self-study activities.

The thing is, Self-study and Live Lessons are like peanut butter and jelly—they are pretty good on their own, but way better when used together. Self-study will teach you vocabulary and language rules that you will use in the Live Lessons; the Live Lessons will reinforce the vocabulary and rules by using what you learned during real conversations.

Live Lessons bring together all of your efforts and really teach you to speak the language. But you have to work concurrently on building your foundation of vocabulary and grammar so you have the raw materials you need to benefit from the Live Lessons.

That said, if you’re having a particularly busy week and only have time for Live Lessons, or if you’re already quite advanced and only need a language brush up, you can totally do just the lessons. You can also get a Chatterbug certificate with just Live Lessons, as long as you’ve seen 50% of the Live Lesson exercises in a level and received an average 75% score from your tutors.