Can I review all of my Study Cards outside of a Study Card session?

Is this possible? For example I would find it helpful to be able to “slice-and-dice” the stats on my cards to have a better understand of things I need to focus on. It seems that the only place to view individual cards right now is immediately after a session or on a per-unit basis?

Another few general study card questions:

Does reviewing cards immediately after a session do anything to their maturity numbers? For example, I review all my errors immediately after a session, does this count towards the official card stats in any way or is it simply a helpful feature?

Immediately after a Study Card session we are given the text “You should review again soon.” This implies to me that we have a way to review these specific cards in the system again once we leave the session. Is that correct or just awkward wording? For example, if I choose not to “review now” I don’t believe there is any way to see this set of specific cards in a group again? (this question kind of circles back to my first one.)

Hi @kthxbye, to answer your first question, the only place to view individual cards is indeed after a session or on a per-unit basis.

  1. reviewing cards anytime, be it after a session or later, brings them closer to the “mastered” label. When a card is labelled as “learning” it means you’ve only seen it a couple times and our algorithm is set to mark cards as mastered once you’ve seen them 5 times and got the answers right consecutively all of those times. So a learning card will be shown to you some more times in card sessions and once a card is mastered, we stop showing it to you.

  2. The only way to review any cards is to do a unit based card study session. Any card that’s been marked as “should review soon” will be shown to you in the session because this notification is triggered whenever you answer a card wrong. When that happens, our card-study algorithm automatically lines these cards up for you to review in an upcoming session.

Let me know if this answers your questions! :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the info!

Re: the “review cards” function at the end of each Study Session

It sounds like if I don’t want to artificially push the cards towards “mastered” I should skip the review of cards I answered incorrectly after as Study Session. That way the cards don’t get an extra bump.

I appreciate the detailed reply.

Ah one edit question about “Mastering a Card”: If I understand correctly, once a card is correct five times sequentially we never see it again? Not even after a longer “time delay” like in a Spaced Repetition System z.B Anki? If true that deincintivises the card decks a bit (for me anyway). It would be quite possible to be many, many lessons ahead on the cards, “master them”, and then have weeks or months to forget them again before a relevant Live Session arrives.

Hey, thanks for checking back! I should have been more specific about the frequency of our spaced repetition logic. There are indeed incremental delays. For instance, when we first show you a card and you get it right on the first try, the algorithm lines it up for review a few sessions later. If you get it right again, the delay before we show it to you again extends to a few days, and so on and so forth until the card is mastered.

If you got the card wrong, the frequency of repetition and the number of times the card is shown to you increase.

However once a card is mastered, it will not be shown to you again, meaning we will not randomly show you a mastered card 5 months later. The spaced repetition logic is based on the fact that after several encounters with a word or concept, with quite some time in between the first encounter and the last, students usually remember it. If they see the word or concept in context going forward, they will know what it is or at least understand the general meaning of a sentence even if they can’t remember the literal translation for a given word.

There needs to be a line between learning new things and reviewing older material in order to progress, and that’s why our spaced repetition logic for a given card is limited in time. :slight_smile:


Fair enough. I can see your point of view. Thank you for the detailed information.

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