Can someone explain how live lessons are scored?

Hey there!
So, I wanted to ask about how live lessons are scored. Check out my screenshot:

So for two exercises I have four stars and a checkmark in a circle, for three exercises I have 5 stars and a plain checkmark, and for another I have just three stars. Whats the significance of the checkmarks? And whats the difference between the checkmark in a circle and the one thats not?

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Any help is definitely appreciated :grin:

Hey @JGillard, great question! Here is the low down of stars and checks:

  • 3 stars will never have a check next to it and means that you probably need to review that exercise. This exercise has not been verified by the tutor, which means you did not “pass” this exercise

  • 4 stars with a check and a circle means you received 4/5 stars, but it is still “verified” by the tutor, meaning you “passed” that activity

  • 5 stars with a check means you got 5/5 stars and it is “super verified” by the tutor. Basically, you did excellent on that activity and passed it with flying colors!

I hope this helps!


That definitely helps, thank you Megan!

I actually have one more question - if I do the same exercise twice, which score gets kept? The most recent score, or the highest score?

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@JGillard it takes the highest score :slight_smile:

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