Can we have a higher word count?

Hi All,

Recently I have been seeing that some exercises mention that we should try to create texts of around 150 words or less. Currently we can only create texts of a max of 100 characters. Is there any chance to increase the number of characters to at least 150?

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Hmm good question @IleanaI, I asked the team and they are looking into it! :face_with_monocle:


Hey @IleanaI! Thanks again for asking this interesting question! :ok_hand:
After discussions, the teaching team decided to leave the limit at 100 words to favor quick corrections. But your request has been added to the list of future developments! :hugs:

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Thank you for looking into this! Hopefully maybe in the future we might have at least 150 word count. Have a lovely Friday and relaxing weekend! :slightly_smiling_face: