Can you unblock a tutor?

I’ve accidentally blocked a tutor (tutor). Basically, I wanted to not be randomly allocated the tutor, but I didn’t want to block them forever. And now I don’t know how to unblock them.

It would be nice to have a blocked tutor “stay” in the “Your Tutors” section, but greyed out potentially, this way I could block and unblock to my hearts content.

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Hey @bolambogolando!

Unfortunately blocking a tutor is indeed permanent so I think we need @SamuelDowdBug’s help with that!

To answer your second question, the opposite system actually exists and I think it would be a good answer to your request: you can favourite tutors. The tutors you select will be given priority for lessons.
You can favorite or “unfavorite” a tutor as you like, and they will then appear with a red :hearts: or gray :white_heart: heart in your “my tutors” section.

I hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face: