Cellphone challenge!

Hello everybody!

i just came across this picture and was wondering what you guys thought of it?

do you think it’s sad that such measures have to be thought of in order to get people to have a normal Conversation?

or has our society simply changed and we need to go with the Flow?

let me know your thoughts on this :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend

Larissa :heart::heart::heart:


I’m a good example in this regard. I never use the cellphone while I’m driving a car :sweat_smile:


ha ha ha, I think it’s a very interesting initiative.
I’ll go glady to such a restaurant.
When you go to a restaurant, is it not to enjoy the moment with the person(s) you’re with :thinking:?
Well, in a way, it could be sad indeed to realize that one has to be forced to do so :astonished:.
Once I did an experiment with my teenage students: one weekend without the cellphone (it stayed the 2 days at school). It made all of us think of how detached or how dependant one can be on an object :exploding_head:

:joy: :joy: :joy:


Great experiment to ask your students to leave their phones in the school over the weekend! Did the whole class participate?

It’s interesting how the dad in the picture is so happy, but the daughters are quite bored. I think we are getting used to have our cellphones and never be bored that we forget to look up a little bit. Our society has definitely changed, but what we need to detach ourselves from it more. It is sad that people ignore their family, friends and more just because they need to constantly see what’s going on their phones.


Hi @Janina. We all agreed everone would participate, even the teachers.
At the last minute, a student didn’t leave her cell phone (for “security reasons”).
It was a very good experiment, and on the following monday, we had a really interesting discussion about it :ok_hand: