Charlotte from Germany, living in Chile

Hi everyone!

My name is Charlotte and I am a 34 year old language and music enthusiast, born and raised in Munich :mountain_snow:, Germany. Nice to meet you! I live and work in Santiago de Chile for nearly 10 years now. :sun_with_face: I am also working as an official DaF German teacher working remotely in Berlin. I studied International Economics in Germany (Bayreuth) and Barcelona and have international work experience in:

… six countries: Austria, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Britain, Spain :chile: :argentina: :ceuta_and_melilla: :austria: :de: :uk:
… in various areas: Project Management, Tutoring, Marketing and Education :nerd_face:

In 2013 I decided to move to South America and since then I have worked part-time as a freelance German tutor in Santiago :chile: :hot_pepper: and Buenos Aires :argentina: :earth_americas:

And due to to my background in multi-lingual communication: German (mother tongue), English, Spanish, Catalan and a little bit of French (under construction :building_construction:), if you have any question in those languages during the Live Lesson, I would be very happy to help you!

…some more things about me:
I am also a music lover and working part-time as a professional music promoter in Chile. I would love to hear your song recommendations and get to know your favorite music :musical_note: :musical_keyboard: :guitar: :microphone:
I also love cooking and I am very interested in trying out new dishes and getting to know different cultures :hugs: :woman_cook:

I am looking forward to meeting, laughing and learning together and helping you to improve your German! :grinning:

Best, :sunflower:



@Charlotte_K Welcome and wish you a great start!

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Bienvenida @Charlotte_K :blush:

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Hi Charlotte, nice to meet you :wave: :smiley:
Cheers, Melanie

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Willkommen, Charlotte! I hope to read more about your favorite music, at some point :musical_note:

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Welcome Charlotte😁
I live in Chile as well but in the south :wink:have a good start!
Cheers Bettina


Thanks for teaching me Charlotte. I said I would send you my first song when it was released, so here it is
Hope I will have lessons with you again soon.


Thank you Brad for sharing your music! I just saw your comment and I really loved the funny edition. I subscribed to you youtube channel and hope to hear some new stuff soon :musical_note: :sunglasses: :love_you_gesture:


Thanks Charlotte for your enjoyable lessons. I learn many interesting things about Germany and Chile from you.

Highly recommend Charlotte to other students!


Thank you so much Hung Tu Dinh for your kind words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I really enjoyed our lesson and I hope to see you soon again :star_struck:

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Sorry for writing it here, did not have an opportunity to say goodbye today, anyway, you’re great, see you soon!


Thank you so much Amal for your kind words! :blush: It´s a real pleasure tutoring such a motivated student as you are. I have a great time! Thank you for making me part of your German learning experience :sun_with_face: :sunflower: See you soon!

Hello and thanks for the great lesson Charlotte! I unadvertedly hit “Finish the Lesson” instead of refreshing, thinking that it would also start the next course lesson :man_facepalming: Anyway, bis zum nächsten Mal!

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Hi Charlotte,

I look forward to our first lesson tomorrow. I am a software engineer, and my company recently set up a subsidiary in Nürnberg. I spend one week each month at the German office. I am now (re-)learning German, having studied it at school a long time ago. I have nearly completed the Duolingo German course, so have some ability in writing and reading. However my listening and speaking skills are much weaker. I wish to develop to a degree of fluency, so I can converse easily with my colleagues in Germany.

Best wishes, Jeremy