Chatterbug Live!

Since we all have to stay indoors this month, we’ve decided to help bring everyone together online every weekday to help connect, have fun and learn German.

Grab a beer and join us every weekday at 5p CET to end your workday from home with live, free German practice!

Chatterbug Live

Chatterbug Live will air every weekday at 5p CET (Berlin time) and will feature Chatterbug tutors, employees and students (and any of you) who will go through a live online German class, aired on our YouTube Live channel.

Each day we will choose a topic and do a few exercises, practicing vocabulary, grammar and phrases. Any viewer who would like to can join the live feed for a chance to practice and even win prizes and free lessons on Chatterbug.

Register here!


Chatterbug Live! ist sehr toll! Ich bin traurig, dass ich bis Montag für die nächste Lektion warten muss! :slight_smile:


From this week on, we will change Chatterbug Live to Wednesdays and Fridays, with the following format:

On Wednesdays we will have a problem-solving livestream session. We will learn how to respond/ask questions/converse in German in different scenarios that you might end up in. We will have one tutor (Sarah) and one student (Lauréna) who will go through these scenarios and talk about them together. This lesson will be geared more towards the beginner levels (A1/A2), but they are definitely relevant to anyone living (or planning on living) in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

On Fridays we will have game day! During this livestream we will play different types of games all in German. This will be your chance to participate on the livestream and test your German skills and random knowledge. You will also have the chance to win prizes! Fridays will be for all levels, with the focus on more intermediate to advanced learners.

See you on our Youtube channel on Wednesday!


Ich freue mich darauf!


Is it still going on nowadays during corona?

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Yes! Every Wednesday and Friday on our Youtube channel. You can also subscribe to the email list here.

Hope to see you on Wednesday @Pandamama!

Giving this a little bump! Join us on our YouTube channel in an a little over an hour (5p CEST) for a quick and fun German lesson all about ordering at a restaurant.

Wednesday’s are for A1/A2 levels, but everyone is welcome!

See you in a bit!