Chatterbug Mobile App vs. Website? What's The Difference?

Chatterbug Website: Live Lessons

On our website, our curriculum consists of

  • 45min 1-1 Live Lessons with native speakers,
  • Flashcards
  • Media (Audios & Videos)
  • Writing Practices (so-called Journals)

Live Lessons and the Self-Study content on the website are subscriptions based but you get a two-week free trial!

Chatterbug Mobile App

The mobile app is free! The app for your phone allows you to view bitesize language-learning live streams hosted by native-speaking trainers. Each stream is based on a unit from the Chatterbug curriculum (A1 to B2) or on original content developed by the team that brought you Chatterbug and includes real-time quizzes and vocabulary cards.

Besides the livestreams and recordings, you can find Shorts. Create and upload your own short form videos to the mobile app. Participate in challenges, react to your favorite video, or create your own video from scratch. Get to know the other faces within in the community and teach what you know and what you’re learning.


Chatterbug currently offers English, German, French, and Spanish.


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