Chatterbug on Instagram and Facebook

Hey Chatterbugs :wave:

My name is TJ and I’m the (not so) mysterious voice behind the posts on the Chatterbug Instagram and Facebook pages.

Thanks to our wonderful curriculum and design teams, we post all sorts of language learning fun up there, including troublesome false friends, common mistakes and idioms galore.

If you haven’t already, be sure to give us a follow :grin:

Anyway, now that our sparkly new community site is up and running, we wanna know what you - the Chatterbug community - would like to see on our social pages.

We’re open to all sorts of ideas, big and small, so please feel free to fill this thread with them! Any feedback on what we’re already doing would be great, too :innocent:

Ciao for now



Hi TJ,

I love the chatterbug instagram and the German language.

One of my favorite things to say is “wenn schon, denn schon”. Its such a wonderful expression for validating excess :wink: