Chatterbug Referrals By Tutors

How tutors can refer students

On the very bottom of your Tutor Dashboard or if you go to your referral dashboard, you can find your referral URL. This URL can be shared on social media or in blog posts and will link to a signup page on Chatterbug.

Any users who click on this URL and then sign up will be counted as referrals for you. You will be able to see these signups on your referral dashboard. When the referred students subscribe, they will be matched with you for their first Live Lesson if possible. Referred students also get a 25% discount on their first month! Bear in mind that your referral only counts if your friends sign up using the referral URL.

Track your referrals

You can see your overall referral stats at any time on your referral dashboard, or you can see a more detailed breakdown of all users your referred when you click on referral details.

Claim your credits

If any of those users subscribe to a paid account, you will get a referral credit that you can claim. So, for example, if you refer 50 students and 25 of those students end up paying for any subscription or bundle, you will have 25 credits that you can claim for 25 Live Lessons.

As a tutor, you have two options how to claim your referrals:

  • Get Credits - You can exchange your referrals for 1 credit to take language classes with Chatterbug.
  • Get Cash - You can claim €9.00 / $10 for your referrals. This amount will be part of your next tutor payout.