Chatterbug Shorts: Guess the action

Is it possible to find a special SHORTS video in the Chatterbug App? I saw one with a Quiz question.
A man said that he normally does it in the bed, occasionally on the sofa, and the weirdest on the staircase. It only lasts 5 to 10 seconds, but he always needs to do it twice because it doesn’t work at the first time. He said the answer would be in the comments…(but it’s not possible to comment on shorts)…
And I would really like to know the answer. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I have absolute no idea! :man_shrugging:t2:
Thanks in advance for your help! :pray:


Hi @Elfi

We’re glad you seem to enjoy Chatterbug Shorts! I think you’re speaking about this Short from, Mike?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a comments feature (yet) and our team has reached out to Mike to make him aware of this.

I’d like to direct this question to everyone in our community:
Can you guess the action?

Here in the forum, we can discuss and leave comments :slight_smile:

Alternatively, in order to respond to his Short in the app, you can record a little video clip! Did you know? You can even win an entire year’s subscription on the ultimate plan on Chatterbug’s lessons. That’s a €4800 value and up to 31 one-on-one Live Lessons with a native speaker per month! All you need to do to enter is upload a video in the Shorts section of the app. The video with the most likes by the end of June wins. So what are you waiting for? Create that video, upload it, and send it to your friends to get more likes!

Watch the how-to video here:


Thank you for your quick response! :pray::+1:

And to record a video clip I’m definitely not good enough and…too cowardly! :grimacing::expressionless:


Is sleeping or falling asleep the action he is talking about? haha


That would be too easy! :sweat_smile: