Chatterbug Shorts! Now you can create videos too!

Hey mobile app community!

You may have read Ryan’s post all about Shorts here, well we have some even MORE exciting news! Now you can create and upload your own short form videos to the mobile app. Participate in challenges, react to your favorite video, or create your own video from scratch. Get to know the other faces within in the community and teach what you know and what you’re learning. Learning a language isn’t always easy, so let’s progress together! Watch the How-to-video here.

But wait, there’s more! You can even win an entire year’s subscription on the ultimate plan on Chatterbug’s lessons. That’s a €4800 value and up to 31 one-on-one Live Lessons with a native speaker per month! All you need to do to enter is upload a video in the Shorts section of the app. The video with the most likes by the end of June wins. So what are you waiting for? Create that video, upload it, and send it to your friends to get more likes!

Can’t wait to see the creative content you come up with on the app!

Don’t have the app yet? ‎Chatterbug: Language Learning on the App Store


Bonjour @Leocadie @velez

Merci pour votre attention :heart_eyes:
J’ai mis à jour mon chatterbug et encore je ne peux pas trouver l’icône (+) pour ajouter mes Short :frowning:

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Oh, c’est étonnant @mahyarahimi :thinking:

J’ai transmis l’information à nos ingénieurs. On t’écrit dès qu’on a trouvé la solution :slightly_smiling_face: !


Bonjour @mahyarahimi !

En effet, on a trouvé un problème :bulb:!
Tu devrais pouvoir ajouter tes shorts avec la prochaine version de l’application.
Comme ça, tu as le temps pour en préparer plein :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: !

A bientôt :wave: !


Hi there! I’m having trouble creating a new Short video. When I click on the ‘+’ button and an option after, the loading circle appears but nothing happens :pleading_face:


Hi @inesalanah! Thanks for writing us. We’re sorry about this problem! Our engineers are aware of it and are currently working on a solution. We’ll publish a new version of the Chatterbug app soon, that should fix the issue, please watch out for it!

We can’t wait to see your Short! :slight_smile:


Thanks Janina & Chatterbug engineers! :relaxed: