ChatterConf 2021 - A virtual online language learning conference

We are excited to announce that after the success of last year’s Chatterconf, we will be hosting the second annual event this year on April 15th, 2021!

Chatterconf is a virtual conference all about learning languages and technology! Over the course of one day we will virtually bring together language enthusiasts from all around the world to learn about the world of online language learning.

Ticket sales are open and are donation based at €0, €5, €10. All proceeds will be donated to Wikitongues and will be matched by Chatterbug and our sponsors.

Find the speakers, talks, workshops, and tickets here!


Looking forward! :partying_face:

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For anyone that missed ChatterConf last week, we just uploaded all of the sessions to our Youtube channel. Check em out!

ChatterConf playlist