Chatterconf 2022 - Who would you like to see?

Did you attend last year’s Chatterconf? We had a day full of inspiring talks, workshops, mini language lessons, and a pitch session. And we’re doing it all over again!

Last year we had many execs, founders, polyglots, and language experts. This year we are planning on expanding our speaker list even more! Is there anyone you would like to hear from? If so, drop them in the comments!


That’s great news! I loved Chatterconf last year! It was a great introduction to Chatterbug. I signed up the next day. :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed the Igbo language session, and I’d love to join another one on a less commonly taught/spoken language (Finnish? Hebrew?).

I know Duolingo has opened its first European office in Berlin. Would be great to have someone say a few words about what they are up to. :blush: (If possible, of course.)

Caaan’t wait!



That’s really great to hear @ichbins! We’re so glad you enjoyed the conference and are looking forward to another great one!

Thanks so much for the suggestions - Duolingo is definitely on our radar, hopefully they can send someone this year.

I will pass along your idea about another language session to our workshops crew - glad you enjoyed the Igbo session. :slight_smile:


Yeeii :star_struck: Last year was very interesting, so I’m looking forward to this one.

I would like to see Superholly, Howtospanish (Erika), Tomas.der.profe or YoRyanAntonio :blush:. They all have different approaches to learn or teach Spanish.


Thanks for the suggestions @27sp.sandra !!

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Awesome! Loved the conference last year and looking forward to this year’s!

Some speakers that come to mind for me: Steve Kauffman (LingQ), Lindie Botes (YT), and Laura the Couch Polyglot (YT).


Glad that you enjoyed the conference last year @mgm and thanks so much for the suggestions! I am going to check out those youtubers. A Couch Polyglot sounds interesting :smiley:

We actually had Steve Kaufmann join us at the very first Chatterconf, 2 years ago. You can watch his talk here! It was really interesting.


I would like to see Mickey Mangan of Lernen to talk


Hi @moberholtzer, thanks so much for your suggestion! I’ll submit it to the team.
Mickey’s language learning journey is impressive, I have been in touch with him in the past about something else.

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@Janina you’re welcome! That is too bad it didn’t work out before. He has taught me German, and as a polyglot he has a vast knowledge of the hurdles of language learning. Especially helpful with learning/memory methods developing pronunciation skills.

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Emmanuel from is quite nice as well


Thanks for the suggestions @moberholtzer! You might be in luck on Emmanuel! We are in discussion with him as we speak. He will hopefully join us for a workshop :smiley:


I would love to see Ana & David from How To Spanish!


Thank you for your suggestion, @inesalanah! Unfortunately, we have moved on to the next planning stage by now. This means we won’t contact more speakers for this year’s conference, but we will definitely keep Ana & David in mind for next year.

You can find all confirmed speakers and get your tickets here! We will add more talks continuously.

Oops - sorry I wasn’t aware of the timeline! Thanks for letting me know and I’m looking forward to attending the Conference! :blush: