ChatterConf - A virtual online language learning conference

We are thrilled to announce Chatterconf, a virtual conference all about learning languages! Over the course of one day we will virtually bring together language enthusiasts from all around the world to learn about the world of online language learning.

We will be joined “on stage” by executives from both large and small online language learning companies, internet polyglots, linguists, and more! They will offer you insights on learning languages online, share their stories, and give you tips and tricks for your own language learning journey. We hope you can join us for the very first virtual online language learning conference, Chatterconf!

All ticket proceeds will be donated to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Get your tickets here:


:arrow_forward: The first workshops and presentations are online!

Join us for ChatterConf next week! :slight_smile:


I really want to go to this but there are no times. Do you know what time it begins and finishes?

Hi Thomas,

We will add the times to the landing page, but if you click on the “register now” page, which will lead you to the registration page and there you can see is from 1pm - 7:30 pm CET.

The speaker schedule will also be going up soon!

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Hey, i cant login to the page. I already registered and now it tells me that the email or password is invalid…

Thanks Megan,

I’m unfortunately working till 14:30 GMT so will miss the first 2 and half hours :sob: but will manage the last 4 so that’s a total bonus! :grin:

Ta very much,



Hello all, does anyone know if we will be able to watch any of the talks that we miss today at a later date? I really wanna watch" Optimise your Day and Maximise your Learning" but will miss it.



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Hi @Thomassutherland! Yes, all of the sessions will be recorded and uploaded to our Youtube channel.


Hi @Thomassutherland and everyone else interested,

Now you can find all the talks on our Youtube Channel! :rocket:


Great! Thank you very much. Will definitely ake use of that as for me, most of the talks were during night time :slight_smile: