Chatterhangs - 15 February 2022

Hey Chatter-friends,

Are you ready for another Chatterhangs to practice your German speaking skills?

This month we’ll be talking about things you love! :heart_eyes: People, places, pets, activities…anything that makes you happy.

When? Tuesday 15 February, 6pm CET (“Doors” close at 6:15pm so please make sure to be on time.)

Where? Zoom - Join us via this link:

The level for Chatterhangs is intermediate to advanced (B1+) in order to keep the conversation flowing. Please keep the conversation respectful towards all of types of ideas and opinions.

We look forward to seeing you at Chatterhangs so we can “speak German zusammen”.

Bis dann!


I love Chatterhangs! Looking forward to meeting some new people and sharing some new ideas!
See you this evening! :heart_eyes: