ChatterHangs - May 18th, 2021

Are you having trouble finding situations to practice your conversational German at the moment? No need to worry, Chatterbug has got you covered!

This month, it’s all about unconventional museums in honor of the international museum day! We are looking forward to talking about the funniest exhibitions one can possibly visit. During the one-hour meetup, we will break out into small groups of 3 to 4 people and discuss fun and light-hearted topics. To keep things interesting, we will have a guided conversation along with fun games and activities! We will also have several native German speakers joining the event to help when you get stuck.

Have you visited a museum (online or offline) in the past year?
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The level for ChatterHangs is intermediate to advanced (B1+) to keep the conversation flowing.

Grab your friends and join us for ChatterHangs and let’s “speak German zusammen”!

To receive the link/password RSVP here! If you are based in any of the following cities, you can also RSVP via meetup at the links below:

By RSVP-ing in the meetup groups above, you can stay up to date with all our virtual and future in-person events in your area! Every 3rd Tuesday of the month we gather virtually via zoom to practice our German-speaking skills at ChatterHangs. This will be a casual environment to help you feel relaxed, all while making new friends!

Check out this video to get a better impression:


Unsere Museen:

  • Klangmuseum: Ein Reise durch den Klang.
  • Außerirdische Kartoffeln - von den Anden in den Mars.
  • Das Museum der Zeit - „Reisen Sie mit uns durch die Zeit! Wir versprechen Ihnen die Zeit Ihres Lebens."
  • Virtuelles Botanisches Museum - Ruh dich aus und trink Tee mit deinen neuen Pflanzen
  • Brillen um die Welt - Die Welt durch Glas

My favorite traditional Museum in Nürnberg, the town where I live, is the Germanisches Museum. But I absolutely love the Felsengänge, the historic rock-cut cellars. Nürnbergs underground is covered by many kilometers of this tunnel system.

What and where are your favorite museums?

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Isn’t in Nürnberg a Teddy Bear Museum or something like that? I remember having visited it when I was a child (far more than 20 years ago :see_no_evil:)

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You’re right! There’s a toy museum in Nürnberg: Spielzeugmuseum :game_die: :jigsaw:
The teddy bears must have been very impressive to you if that’s the main thing you remember :teddy_bear: :slight_smile:

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It was more the history of them, the different kinds of teddy bears and how they changed through decades.

Mein Lieblingsmuseum heißt teamLabBorderless, es ist in Tokyo.

Dieses Museum hat wunderbare Lichtinstallationen, und wenn man dort hineingeht, es ist eine immersive Erfahrung!

Das Konzept ist: Wandern, erforschen, entdecken in einer grenzenlosen Welt.
(Wander, explore, discover in one borderless world)

Ich finde es sehr schön! Es ist ein bisschen wie Sprachen lernen, oder?


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