Chatterhangs Mittagspause - 16 February 2022

Are you a regular attendee of Chatterhangs and would love to get even more German speaking practice? Or maybe you’ve never had the chance to join Chatterhangs before, but would love to try it out. Now is your chance!

This month we’re adding a bonus Chatterhangs to our event calendar with a lunch time special - Chatterhangs Mittagspause! If you find it challenging to make time to practice your German, why not squeeze in some extra speaking practice over your lunch break? Every bit counts!

When? Wednesday 16 February, 12.30pm CET
We’ll keep this event to 40 minutes, and ‘doors’ will close at 12.35pm so please arrive on time.

Where? Zoom - Join us via this link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

As usual, we will gather virtually via zoom to practice our German speaking skills in a casual and friendly environment. We’ll break into small groups of 3 to 4 people where you can have a relaxed conversation guided by some prompts.

The level for ChatterHangs is intermediate to advanced (B1+) to keep the conversation flowing.

Grab your friends (and your lunch!) and join us for Chatterhangs where we will “speak German zusammen”.


So great :star_struck: !

I’ve never been able to attend Chatterhangs because I’m always working on Tuesday night.
I’ll be there over lunch time und ich freue mich schon riesig :partying_face: !!


Great idea hosting Chatterhangs during lunchtime when the brain is still fresh and ready to go! :star_struck:
See you there! :grin: