Chatternacht Berlin - August 6, 2019

Are you trying to learn German, but not trying to go back to school? Then join us for a fun alternative language learning night!

Who: Expats in Berlin who are learning German (All levels welcome!!!)
What: An Alternative German Language Learning night

  • Alternative activities to learn German - i.e. Games, learning by doing activities, fun conversations, etc.
  • Activities will be things that all levels can participate in together - the idea behind this, is that if you get matched up speaking with someone who is better than you, you can learn from them. Or, vice versa, you can teach things to someone who isn’t as high a level as you, which will also better your German skills
  • Free beers and soft drinks!
  • Referral codes for 25% off your first month on Chatterbug
  • Meet other expats in Berlin
    Where: Chatterbug Office (Käthe-Niederkirchner Str. 10 Berlin) - enter through the glass door to the left of the main entrance
    When: August 6, 2019 at 7pm
    Why: To offer a fun alternative way of learning German, drink beers, and meet other expats!

Bring your friends, your shining personalities, and your mouths ready to speak German!

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Yay, I’ll be in town for this!


I really enjoyed the ChatterNacht I went to this spring (with Babbel), I’d love to go to another one, but I’ve been out of Berlin all summer!

Hey Amanda! I actually think you are referring to our ChatterTalk ft. Babbel. Chatternacht is a different event series, where we come together to practice our German in a fun and relaxed environment. You should join the next one (which I will be posting soon)!

Ok, I didn’t realize they were different events! I’m interested in both, and hope you’ll have another chattertalk again soon, too!

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