Choosing the tutor gender

I lost 3 session credits because each time the system assigns a male tutor for me, while I’m requesting a female one. How to solve this issue? My subscription finished without taking any session except for the first 1 :slight_smile:

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Im not sure what you mean by “requesting a female” tutor, but if the system assigned you a tutor you don’t want, you should have cancelled the class.
Since choosing gender isn’t a feature that chatterbug allows, you would have to block every male tutor on order to be sure to get a female one, for whatever reason.
But again, if you get one you don’t want, you should cancel the lesson at least 24h in advance, then you won’t lose any credits and you can rebook, and hopefully get a tutor you prefer


Hi @fawziadibani :wave: !

In addition to what @MissAmanda said, I would recommend you to have a look a the tutor introductions and to favorite the tutors you would like to have a lesson with. By favorite them, you will see their schedule first and thus will be able to easily choose with whom you want to have a lesson.

How to favorite a tutor :

To see the profils of all the french tutors, have a look here :

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