Christian from Berlin, Germany (based in Bali)

Hello and Namaste. My name is CHRISTIAN and a native German speaker with an over 20 year residency in the United States. I have worked over 25 years in the Media Business in various positions and countries (from production management and creative development, to financing and post production in dubbing/versioning). All my live I have enjoyed learning about different languages and foreign cultures, and aside from the US of A, have been leaving my footprints in South America, the Middle East and South East Asia, where I am currently residing with my family (see my title :slight_smile: ) For some time now I have worked as a German/English language teacher at a renowned Language Academy in South America (online) and I really fell in love with it. Hence I am really excited to joining the Chatterbug Community and looking forward to many exciting lessons here - “teach and be open to be taught” being my motto. Aside from my native German tongue, I am quite fluent in colloquial and business English (US and British), and conversational Spanish. At the moment, I am brushing up on my Bahasa Indonesia (giving the fact that I live half the year in this wonderful nation of islands). In all my years in California and now here in Bali I have not yet mastered the Surf (never say never though, right!), but I do love to explore the country and its wonders by foot or on my trusted scooter. I am truly excited to coming onboard here and look forward to learning more about this community of fellow tutors and to offering my services.
All the best and keep positive. Yours truly, Christian.


Hi Christian! Sehr interessanter Lebenslauf, wow!
Willkommen bei Chatterbug :slight_smile:

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Hi Larissa. Besten Dank. Auch Dein Lebenslauf liest sich yiemlich interessant. Also Namaste nach Mexiko aus Bali. Ich habe gelesen, dass Du sehr viel mit Pferden zu tun hast. Verständlich, wenn man in Wiesbaden aufgewachsen ist. Meine Cousine hat bei Monte Roberts gelernt und unterrichtet jetzt sein Philosophie an der FU Berlin. Vielleicht kann ich euch beide zum Austausch zusammenbringen.
Anzwho, bin gespannt auf meine Zeit hier bei Chatterbug. In diesem Sinne, Cheerio und bis zum nächsten Mal. :slight_smile: