Clément from France

Bonjour everyone!

I’m Clément and I’m 33 years old. I’m from Dunkerque in the North of France (a very famous place now, thanks Christopher Nolan :upside_down_face:).

I have been moving around a lot these past years. I’m a bit of a travel bug, constantly on the move. During the past years I have lived in Paris, London, Montreal, New Zealand.
I am currently splitting my time between housesitting in the UK with my partner (she is brittish!) and travelling/working remotely in the rest of Europe.
I can’t wait to hear about and get inspired by YOUR adventures! :exploding_head:

I work as a freelance motion graphic designer. Basically, I infuse movement into static graphic on my computer, which is kind of cool!
I also love anything outdoor related and I’ve been in love with bouldering for many years now! :person_climbing:

Traveling allows me to meet many people from different nationalities. Opening up to different cultures is very inspiring!
Over the years, I found that languages are not only good because they allow you to talk in different countries, they are also widening your perspectives and your way of thinking. You might learn words to express a feeling you never quite got in your mother tongue.
That’s crazy and this, is what drives me to learn more about languages.

Anyway, I’m glad to be part of the Chatterbug community and to be able to share the French language and culture with others!

Merci et à bientôt j’espère !



Welcome to the Tutor Community Clément!


Thanks for a great first lesson, Clément! You were incredibly patient and adapted so well to my level of French (or lack thereof :stuck_out_tongue: )

Take care,


Thanks Harsha! It was a real pleasure :slight_smile:
You did really great!!

Too bad the window closed too fast and we didn’t get to say proper goodbye haha
Hoping to see you again!



Thanks for a nice Lesson. It really helps alot :slightly_smiling_face:


The pleasure is all mine! :slight_smile:

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Hi Clément welcome - look forward to session at 1.00 A.M. Greenwhich Meantime.
How do I connect to New Zealand?


Hey Simon!
Easy! You can simply connect to the live lesson and the website will do its magic to connect us!
Merci! :slight_smile:


Merci Bien pour la leçon -je croix Leocadie, encore êtait au point nord de la votre- qu’est à NZ🧝🏻‍♀️, -dans ma discourse

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Bounsoir Clément,

we will have a live session tomorrow and I am looking forward to it.
Unfortunately, I’m probably going to be 5 minutes late. Sorry about that. My work hours have been changed.

See you tomorrow,

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Bonsoir Diana!

No worries at all, thanks for letting me know!

Looking forward to meet you tomorrow :slight_smile:

À demain !

Welcome Clement! It’s lovely to e-meet you :grinning:

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Salut @Clmntz, je suis désolée mais il y a des travailleurs chez moi en ce moment et c’est impossible à avoir un leçon :frowning:

Salut @SamuelDowdBug ! Oh non, ce n’est pas idéal effectivement :confused:
Je croise les doigts pour la semaine prochaine alors :crossed_fingers: , ce sera chouette de te voir :slight_smile: