Comedians in Spanish

I know one of the most difficult aspects about learning a lenguage is understanding its humor. I still struggle to understand/enjoy German jokes. :frowning_face:
I also have to say that since I am not living in Colombia, I feel a greater necessity to find things that make me feel like at home. One of those things is comedy… or comedians. I want to share with you guys these Colombian Comedians that are just fantastic.
Spanish tutors, I would also love to know about comedians from other Spanish speaking countries!!! :laughing:

  1. Juanpis González Pombo: Alejandro Riaño is the comedian behind this character. He decided to make a depiction of all the wrong aspects from the upper class society… I would say as a satyre. If you explore his YouTube channel you will find there is an interview with a “famous” person (mostly from Colombia) every week “The Juanpis Live Show”. Another section he has is “JP Heroes” in which he interviews people trying to help others. Besides he has “El Boletín del Gomelo” which is always an interview with a (Colombian) politician and he is willing to ask all the questions the real journalists are not asking them.
    Here the interview he had with Mario Gómez from Vilma Palma e Vampiros.:heart_eyes:
    Disclaimer: cursing is never censored!!
  1. Iván Marín: you can also find his YouTube channel with different sections: routines, sketches from Marvel and my very favorite “Las Marín News” in which he tells us about different bizarre news from around the world and Colombia of course. You’re going to love it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
    Disclaimer: cursing is never censored!!
  1. Adrián Parada: this guy is so good!! His routines are great and he has a new section called “Los Probones” with another comedian, Vicky Berrio, in which they “try” new and crazy things together. Lots of “Paisa” slang and accent.
    Disclaimer: cursing is never censored!!

There are others, but I don’t want to make of this something so long. :rofl:


He is already dead for many years, but his humor is Spanish humor at its best:
¡Cantinflas from Mexico!


I love his movies. A legend!! :heart_eyes:

Franco Escamilla!!! Muy grosero pero mega chistoso hahaha