Coming home - and wondering about many things

On Sunday, I arrived in Germany after not having been here for more than five years (thanks Covid :woozy_face:!)

As I live in Ecuador for more than eight years, many things here in Germany are strange to me. I had to learn again how to find the correct trash bin for each type of waste, not to throw the toilet paper into the trash bin, how to make plans with German friends many days ahead, not to bargain in the shops, not to start conversations with strangers and so on.

That’s a really weird situation, because Germany is my home country and I spent most of my live here. But it seems that the years abroad changed me more than I was aware of it :thinking: :smiley:

Are you in the same situation? Which things are strange to you in your home country?


You are so right, I have just been to Germany and after 5 years, lots had changed. One thing that stood out for me was that in some shops I was supposed to scan my purchases and then pay by card. Just one cashier open for the cash payments and no more time for a friendly chat. I guess we will soon have to chat to a friendly robot helping us.
I also had to get used to all the apps needed to find my way around with the DB, to buy tickets and to hire bicycles or scooters.
But I loved it, walking through my home country with wide open eyes, taking it all in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I know the feeling!
It is so bittersweet because I almost feel like a stranger in my own country! I miss it so much and then when I am there, I find so many things so weird :grinning:
Probably the most surprising I find the German punctuality and how complicated we see/arrange the things. So weird, because I used to be exactly that. Super organized and thinking 2 weeks ahead to plan things


Hey @SKrausser, glad you made it home safely. I am on my way to the US now, and I am already a bit worried about how I will fit into everything again after living in Germany for four years. Even just my brain deciphering which language to speak is a bit of a mess. Nevertheless, I am hopeful and excited. Viel spaß! :grinning:


Okay, maybe my post was a bit negative :thinking: :smiley:

So, let’s speak about positive surprises in Germany.
I’m extremely happy about the cleanliness of the streets and places, about the green, almost countryside-like cities, about the punctual public transport (yes, I know that the 9-Euro-ticket complicated everything, but that’s just temporal), the cheap prices in the supermarkets and the good organization of almost everything. I also enjoy the cultural variety, even in smaller towns.

What do you enjoy in your home country?