Hola! Quiero invitarles a usar el hashtag #correctionswelcome (correcciones bienvenidas) Cuando escribes algo en el foro. Cuando lo uses, los que leen pueden responder con correcciones gramaticales, ortograficas, etc. cuando lo vean. Me puedes etiquetar usando @0rangeorchid también.
Siempre son bienvenidas correcciones a mis posts.


@0rangeorchid I love this idea!

Thanks! Even if it’s not necessarily a language someone is actively learning (as you mentioned in the newsletter - thanks for the mention!). For example, I sometimes see mistakes in some English posts (from German/Spanish/French tutors), but it would be a bit rude to go correcting people’s posts without invitation (especially because their English is generally already wonderful, and it’s just one mistake in a long post). So I thought this could be done by all who are interested.