Credit renewal and scheduling

My organisation credits were renewed on april 14th, and I have used them all.
I’m trying to schedule lessons for after the 14th of May, I assume the reason I’m not able to is that I’m out of credits? Is the system not aware of the fact that my credits are due to renew on the 14th and enable me to schedule for after that?


HI @dganite!

Thank you for reaching out about this. Let me check with the team - We’ll be back with an answer as soon as possible.


Hi @dganite :grin:

The exact same thing happens to me, but I’ve managed to figure it out. :yum:

If you try to book lessons before your credits are renewed, you will still be able to book the lesson, but a small red block will pop up below stating that you don’t have any more credits. As long as you book your lessons after the credit renewal date, you should be fine. You won’t pay extra for the lesson because it will be deducted from your renewed credits.

My credits renew on the 26th of every month, so I always make sure to book lessons anywhere from the 27th, just to play it safe. :sunglasses:

I hope this helps! :tulip: