Cristina aus Buenos Aires, Argentinien

Hello dear fellow tutors and hello students!
I was born and raised in Argentina and it is here where I have lived my whole life, which seems to be boring compared to yours . I have German roots , German was spoken at home and I attended a bilingual school (Goethe Schule) in Buenos Aires. I even attended the Abitur to study at University in Germany but then I met who would become my husband and my life turned into another way. My brother emigrated to Germany 30 years ago so I visit him as often as possible but anyway, as I love the sea and the sun, Germany was not an option to live. At least that is what I thought when I was young. Now I think that I could have moved out and traveled as I have done all my life (it is my first hobby) even more considering that life conditions have always been better there than in Buenos Aires, where I live.
Anyway, I have always been in touch with German. Once graduated from school and after having given up university studies I started working as secretary for managers in companies full time , profiting from my languages (Spanish and German are my native languages but I am fluent in English and at that moment my French was better than today, as it is a bit rusty) and I taught German, English and mathematics in the evenings.
When my first daughter was born, 30 years ago , I fully dedicated to teaching and that’s what I have been doing for over 40 years now (I started at an early age, already being at school)
I have taught face to face in companies, at language institutes, schools , university and privately at home. And since October 2018 as well online on this platform. I have to admit that this experience on Chatterbug has been unique. I can´t thank more my colleague for having recommended this platform to me and that I was provided the chance to join you all. What I love about tutoring here is that I meet people from all around the world, most of which I have had quite often and they have become so close that we exchange experiences and get to know deeper each other’s cultures and habits while they get confident to talk about whatever topic or issue they have on their hearts. It is a lot of fun and both of us enjoy it and laugh a lot and it makes the job very rewarding and interesting. I am grateful for every minute spent in this fulfilling job. Some of my strengths include being patient, a good listener, relaxed but enthusiastic and energetic, flexible, open-minded and always interested in what might come and to learn. I always have a smile on my face and very positive energy. I am fond of psychology and read very much about this discipline which helps me a lot in my job too. I may explain things many times from a different aspect to be understood
. As I speak Spanish and English as well, this has been of great help to the students- mainly latine- and made them feel more confident. I also enjoy this relaxing atmosphere, in which we are not pressed to get an amount of exercises done in a limited time but may let the students manage their pace, doing exercises as often as they need without feeling they are stuck in a particularly difficult grammar pattern while they are making progress through their conversational approach improving their vocabulary and getting fluent.
As teaching comes naturally to me, I never felt it a job, but fun, which I am even paid for,which is a privilege.
Besides, when not teaching, what is very rare these times as some days I am many, many hours online, I am busy with other interests, like cycling, yoga and meditation, painting,cooking, baking, reading, doing craftwork. I like doing creative jobs, which helps me to have a good work-life balance.
.I’m looking forward to get to know you in a live lesson and to learn about you!


Cristina I really enjoy your lessons ! you are such a nice teacher ! I have also lived in Argentina ! I love that country ! please keep in touch on Google doc !


Hi, The lesson was really nice as are all the lessons I have had with you.
Sorry I disappeared, I had an electricity outage and could not reconnect within the time remaining.

Wish you a lovely Sunday and week!


Hello Cristina,

I was so looking forward to having a live class with you today.
but it seems that we have internet connection problem… I couldn’t see you and hear you… what should we do? Please help!

anyhow, I tried to reach you here… see how to make it work…
best regards,