Dagmar from Hermanus, South Africa

To all my students,

In case you are looking at my diary, you will find it closed for 3 weeks, from 17.03.2024 onwards. I am off to explore another country, this time I will travel even further than before, I am travelling to Japan. I will be back by early April and hope to manage jetlag as quickly as possible, so I can teach and meet all of you in my virtual classroom.

I spent a relaxing and inspiring few days of hiking with my daughter and friends in March. It’s wonderful being a tourist in my own neighbourhood. Most of my regular students know how much I like to hike, so this is where you can find me most weekends and always on Mondays, out and about, hiking in the Fynbos, climbing mountains, strolling along the beach and exploring caves in and around our wonderful Nature Reserves in the Western Cape.

Travelling is my absolute passion. It widens my horizon and opens my heart to all the diversity and beauties of this world. Do share your travel stories with me and brush up on new vocabulary at the same time.

My name is Dagmar and I am a native German living in South Africa since over 40 years, mostly in Johannesburg. My children went to the German school and we had a German household in the midst of our english speaking world.

I am very blessed to be living in Hermanus now, a little sea town only 1,5 hours drive from Cape Town, where the whales visit once a year.

I am tutoring with Chatterbug since July, 2019, time seems to fly by, I can still remember the first live lessons and students. Now I have taught and met well over 900 students.

I love speaking and teaching German and especially being in contact with people all over the world. It is so interesting hearing about their lives and their stories unfolding through the Chatterbug exercises. :slight_smile:
It is incredible how quickly everybody learns and how committed the students are. I hope to meet a lot more of you, in these fun and interactive classes and to add value to your german comprehension.


Do you give conversation lessons in Hermanus?

Hello Lennie, do you live in Hermanus, SA? Welcome to Chatterbug. I am currently only a tutor with Chatterbug, but if you live near me, we could meet and speak some german if you like. I would however recommend that you learn the grammer and vocabulary with the help of the Chatterbug app. It is amazing how quickly the students learn. Also the live lessons are very valuable, as every tutor is different and you will learn a lot through the wealth of knowledge every tutor brings along.

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By the way, should you have not yet signed up with Chatterbug, you could get a discount using my referral code. :slight_smile:

Hi Dagmar! How are you doing? :slight_smile:
Haven’t seen you in chatterbug anymore :frowning:

Hi Erica, I am very well. I have been doing lots of lessons, but working mainly in the late afternoons and evenings, as well as weekends. I don’t know why you have not seen me. I would love to connect with you again. I believe you can book me direct if you go to the Tutor profile. Hope this will re-connect us again. Have a great weekend and see you soon.

Liebe Dagmar, Nochmals vielen Dank für die tolle Zeit zusammen!!! Thank you for your serious commitment and engagement, but most importantly thank you about constructive discussions! I definitely learned a lot and enjoyed learning German every time!
I hope you will continue teaching German at Chatterbug, while I will miss Chattebug and its great Community! All the best, Marinela


Hello Marinela, thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed our lessons very much. I am glad we met and it was very special to see how quickly your german improved. I am here to stay, I love teaching :slight_smile: . Wishing you all the best and lots of success, much love, Dagmar


Hello, I am Yumi and live in Berlin. If you can send me a link, I would like to have a lesson with you? Unfortunately, I got lost the link where many tutors are listed. I am around this link.
Dagmar from Hermanus, South Africa - Tutor Introductions / German Tutors - Chatterbug Community

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Hello Yumi, thank you for contacting me. I am on a short holiday at the moment, this might be the reason why you could not book a session with me. I will be back at my desk from Wednesday 06.01. Once I have Unpaused my diary you will be able to book a session with me. Looking forward to meeting you.

Happy New Year,
Best Dagmar

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Hi Dagmar. We have a small homeschool group of children ranging from 4 - 13 years old interested in German conversation 1-2 times per week, preferably in person. We are based in Hermanus. Would this be something you offer? Thanks

Hello Ria, sorry for the late reply. I am very busy teaching students on the Chatterbug platform, which I enjoy very much. I am not sure if I am the right person for the job, but I would love meeting you. It might be a good idea to suggest this to Chatterbug, they might be interested to offer group german sessions for children, so far they only cater for adults. Maybe they would consider a new challenge, why not ask them direct. Best regards and thank you for the offer.

Hi Dagmar

I’m very pleased to have come across your post.
I’d like to know whether you offer face to face lessons to children? We are based in Hermanus.


Sorry - I missed this mornings lesson as I double booked an appointment.

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Thank you for letting me know, I saw your message in my emails. Hope to see you again soon.

Es tut mir so leid, hatte ich die falsche Zeit für unseren Unterricht! Verziehung.

Vielen Dank für deine Nachricht. Ich freue mich auf unseren nächsten Unterricht.
Bis bald, liebe Grüsse