Danielle from the US

Hey there! I’m Danielle and I’m a Chatterbug Streamer.

I’m also a part of the awesome Learning Experience team at Chatterbug where I lend my knowledge of all things English and education.

I’m super passionate about English, so much so that I spend a great deal of time talking to myself about words and looking up the etymologies of those words. English has been a huge part of my life, not only because I speak it, but also because I studied it and have taught it for many years.

I’m from Richmond, Virginia, in the United States. Richmond is a lovely, multicultural city, in a state with a rich history (most of the Founding Fathers were from Virginia!). I love my hometown dearly, but it didn’t quite feel big enough for my dreams, so that’s why I moved to Berlin where I’ve been living with my small family for the last 5 years.

When I’m not streaming or working at Chatterbug, you can usually find me at a playground with my four year old, hanging out at a wine bar :wine_glass: with friends, going for long walks while listening to podcasts (let me know if you need some recommendations!), or doing some solo travel.

Be sure to check me out: DaniofBerlin :relaxed:


Great to have you as a Streamer @danielle! I look forward to watch your streams!

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