""Dar Papaya" Refrán Colombiano

I would like to present you a very common saying used in my beautiful country Colombia: “No dar Papaya” or “Don´t leave yourself open” or “Don´t let your guard down”.
“No dar papaya” is pretty much the first thing many visitors learn when they arrive in our country because we keep warning them not to trust anyone. It is true that travellers are an attractive target for thieves. It is also true that many of us care deeply about the external image of Colombia, so we try hard to make our guests feel safe and welcome.

Do you know some other common sayings that are only used in your country???


I love the so called “amorfinos” from the Ecuadorian coastal plains. They are folkloric songs or poems about the culture, lifestyle, love and the beautiful nature. At times, they can be also a bit funny or even sarcastic.

Here is a wonderful example of a funny amorfino:

“Dicen que el ají maduro
pica más que la pimienta,
así son las malas lenguas
que sin preguntarles, cuentan.”

And here a romantic one:
“Quisiera ser pajarito,
con patitas de algodón,
para volar a tu pecho
y tocarte el corazón.”