David From Germany, living in Lima Peru

Hi @Stanleylee, have you double-checked that you are set up correctly?

  1. Are you using a computer (not a tablet or mobile device)?
  2. Are you using the correct browser (Chrome or Firefox)?
  3. Do your browser settings allow your camera & mircophone?
  4. Do you have Chatterbug open in any other windows or devices? Make sure you close them!

I hope this helps,

Community Manager

Dear David. Sorry, I selected inappropriate button for today’s class finishing.

Hi David, I am so so sorry that I missed our session today.
I mixed 1 am and 1 pm.
Sorry for the inconvenience :confused: I hope we will still have a lesson at some point :slight_smile: Have a great day

Hi David, sorry, I hit the wrong key while trying to refresh :frowning: Thanks for today’s session, see you in the next one! :slight_smile:

Hi David,

There are no lessons from you that I can book from this Saturday 3rd of December onwards. Have you updated you availability ?


Hey @Kiavanlooveren, im just updated it. Now there are classes available from monday the 5th. This saturday im already full booked and this sunday i will not give classes.

Hallo David, aus Versehen habe ich a.m. anstatt p.m. geschrieben. Deswegen war ich gestern nicht da. Es tut mir sehr leid. Carmen