David From Germany, living in Lima Peru

Hey there I’m David from Balingen a small city nearby Stuttgart in Germany, at the moment I’m living in Lima Peru. I got my first teaching experience a few years ago in Cusco teaching English to children. I speak German English and Spanish. I’m a fanatic of all kinds of foods, mainly I like to eat healthy but I also like to cook pizza bbq and other nice plates :).

Also I love electronic music mostly edm and techno, that also had a big influence why i stayed in Peru, i luckily got the chance to play in a lot of venues as an electronic dj in Peru and Bolivia.

Since 1 1/2 together with my girlfriend we founded a startup in Peru we offer natural alternatives to energy drinks and to people they can’t drink coffee.


Welcome to the Community David!

How is life in Peru? My spanish teacher was from Peru and she always told me about a lot of nice recipes from her home country!

Nice to have you here!

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Welcome @DavidSickler ! Glad to meet another food lover here! :yum:
Do your energy drinks have anything in common with Club Mate ? I discovered it in Berlin, I didn’t like the taste at first but became a bit addicted at the end!! :hugs:


I guess a lot of people don’t like Club Mate at first and ending up addicted to it.
I was born and raised in Berlin and in High School you " have to" drink Club Mate. (To be continued at university :wink: )


Hola, David :blush: Qué gusto tenerte acá en Chatterbug. Muy interesante como la vida te lleva a lugares tan lejanos con ideas tan sorprendentes. Mucha suerte en tus clases :star_struck:.


Welcome, David!

Those natural energy drinks sounds interesting… are you sending them to Europe anytime soon? :yum:

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Hi @DavidSickler,

nice to meet you :smiley:


Hey Larissa thanks, im happy to be part of :slight_smile:

Its good, i like it, sure its another world :smiley:
Oh yeah they have a pretty tasty cuisine here.
You already got the chance to try some of the recipes ?

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Hey Amandine thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:
yeah, what types of food you love most ?

Our ones are made of another type of plant called Guayusa also from Southamerica.
Pretty sure you would love it haha, instead of yerba mate its not bitter at all.

In Berlin i think all people drink club mate :smiley:


Mucho gusto Sandra :slight_smile: siii y de hecho no lo tenia planeado, pero al parecer nunca se sabe donde la vida te lleva :slight_smile:

Donde estas viviendo o estabas viviendo hasta ahora ?

Saludos :slight_smile:

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Hey Maddy :slight_smile: For sure we are planning to expand our market pretty soon, i will let you know haha:)
Where are you living ?

Hey Melanie nice to meet you too :slight_smile:
From which city in germany are you ?


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Hi David, I live in Berlin :wink:


Mucho gusto, David :slight_smile: yo sé a veces las cosas pasan sin tanto planear y bueno termina uno viviendo también cosas muy interesantes. Yo soy de Colombia, Bogotá, pero ya llevo 4 años viviendo en Alemania. De hecho, comencé mi estadía en Esslingen que también es cerca a Stuttgart :blush:. ¿Qué tal te ha parecido Perú :happyllama:?

Hey @DavidSickler I didn’t know Guayusa but it seems to have many virtues! :seedling:
I like many different types of food, Indian food in particular with mild nut curries for example. :curry: I also recently discovered an Afghan restaurant in my city, a pure delight! :drooling_face:

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Nice to meet you David :smiley:

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Nice to meet you too Dorisina :slight_smile:

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Its not that common like yerba mate and others till now.
Ah that sounds really nice, never tried Afghan food but im sure its tasty :slight_smile:


Thank you for the great class, @DavidSickler - posting here as I accidentally pressed “Finish lesson” before I could say in person :man_facepalming:


i am struggling to join the class today