David from Germany living in Thailand

Hi, I am David, 36 years old, living in Thailand.
I have been here for the past 11 years and have had the best time of my life.

My hometown is near Düsseldorf in Western Germany where I spend the first 20+ years of my life before I left Germany.
In Asia I have worked in various industries and occupations ranging from Tour Guide over Cultural Mediator and Cruise Director to Manager of an Animal Shelter. I can ride elephants, too.
For the last 5+ years I have been working as language teacher at various institutions and places in Thailand.
I teach German and English and I can also speak Thai.

I have been married here since 2016 and I have just become father when my son was born in mid-march.

In my free-time, I love to travel, preferable by motorcycle and I love reading and watching movies in the cinema.

I am looking forward to get to know you and to help you reach your language goals.

See you around



Hi David, welcome to Chatterbug! :catbee:

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Ich habe morgen eine Live Klasse als Test.

Ich weiss bisher nicht, wo ich die Klasse vorbereiten kann oder wie (ueber welche Software) die Klasse veranstaltet wird.

Nice to have you on Chatterbug, David :grin: (and meeting a fellow David :grin::laughing:)

Deine erste Live Lesson wird mit einem anderen Tutor oder jemandem vom Chatterbug Team stattfinden und auch über Chatterbug selbst ablaufen, so wie reguläre Stunden mit Schülern in der Zukunft. Inhaltlich vorbereiten musst du dich also nicht unbedingt. Falls du noch Fragen hast kannst du dich gerne im Hilfecenter umsehen. https://app.chatterbug.com/tour/tutor/live_lessons Daneben bin ich selbstverständlich froh dir alles weitere zu beantworten, sowie andere Tutoren bestimmt auch.


Hi David :slight_smile: Wellcome to Chatterbug! Very interesting to see you speak Thai. Is it too difficult to learn this language?

About your class tomorrow you can prepare yourself for it in your profile, Chatterbug does not have an extra Software it all goes with the Chatterbug page where you log in. You should be able to see the bottom “preview lesson” and you will see as well the username of your student and their level. As @DavidBernhardt mentioned before it will be someone from the Chatterbug Team and the link he gave to you has a guide that will help you to know more on how everything works :blush:.

I would like to recommend you as well this link https://help.chatterbug.com/l/en/article/xpqa4q2i1h-setting-up-your-digital-classroom. Here you will find the technical details. I like to check my camera and microphone before my first class of the day and that you can find in the Upcoming Lessons section. Down below, you can see the option Check your internet connection, this option allows you to already check your microphone, camera and internet speed before the lesson.

I hope our answers help you to prepare for tomorrow :happyllama:. If you still have doubts, please do no hesitate to write us or the Helpcenter (Yellow sign on the right bottom of the page) :slight_smile:.

Have fun in your class tomorrow! :hugs:


Hi David!
Interesting profile – you must be a very brave man to ride motorcycles around Thailand :sweat_smile:
Enjoy tutoring!

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Thanks, Sandra!

Learning Thai is not that difficult since there is next to no grammar in the language. Only need vocabulary and put it together to make sentences.

However, reading and writing is another story…

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Riding motorcycle is definitely the best way to get around Thailand in my opinion. It is the perfect country to ride motorcycles :smiley:

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Herzlich Willkommen David :smiley: