Deep links don't work after event has ended

Hey Streams team!

Because I’m based in the US, most of the notifications from Streams are already over when I see them. However, the deep Link in the notification for a past event doesn’t resolve; clicking the notification clears that notification but streams doesn’t open. This is confusing as a user, and also means that I then have to open streams manually, scroll to the recently aired section, and swipe until I find it.

(This is an Android 12 on a Pixel 5a)

It would also be really cool to offer a “bookmark this” action in the notifications so that you could save interesting sessions without even opening the app first.


@mgm Thanks for this notification. I’ll pass it along to the Streams team!


Hey Michael,

thanks for reporting that issue so thoroughly and providing info about the device you’re using! We’re aware that the notification feature needs some improvements, and we’re working on it :slight_smile: Support will check in with the engineering team about this, and add the issue reg. deep links to the ticket. We’ll also pass on your feature request for bookmarks :heavy_check_mark:
In case that we can offer a quick solution to one of these issues, we’ll reach out to in support.

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