Deutsche Dialekte

Hi everybody,

I just found a very ( very ) old sketch by to old / long dead comedians.

The plot: guest can’t pay…in 4 different German dialects :joy:

Have fun :wave: :wink:


Musste echt lachen :sweat_smile:
Brilliantly done. Thanks for sharing!

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Das war wirklich super und hat mich an alte Zeiten erinnert :joy:

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Ach wie herrlich :joy:
Den ersten Dialekt hab ich mit meinem österreichischen Ohr nicht erkannt, ist das denn sächsisch?

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Thanks @DavidBernhardt and @Dagmar. I found the sketch on youtube while searching for the song „Wann wird‘s mal wieder richtig Sommer?“

…but I didn’t want post it, because the rain is very necessary for the poor trees in Berlin :deciduous_tree::sweat_drops:


Honestly I don’t know @Lia12 :thinking::joy:. My guess would be “fränkisch” though?…maybe some native speaker could fill us in? :wink:

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…and here is a short report about integration and bayrisch :wink:

…luckily they provide subtitles for “bayrisch” :joy:

Here’s the link to the most famous cab driver in Munich @dencooler :wink: