Deutsche Traditionen / German traditions

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I actually am a German tutor but i really have no idea what this s.b.German tradition is and what this strange spears stand for :thinking: :roll_eyes:

…can somebody fill me in? :thinking:


I saw this question while scrolling the forum. You are right, I also am not 100% sure of this tradition, but I think of the “Tanz in den Mai” around the Mai Baum, when teaching this lesson.

Found this on the Internet:
Turns out, since the 13th century, Germans have been raising the maypole (Maibaum) to bring in the spring. What used to be pagan customs, full of bonfires to ward off evil spirits and witchcraft, has now evolved into a unique tradition of dancing with flowers, pranking, and festivities.

In Bavaria, each village erects a maypole weeks in advance, and a competition ensues over who can steal the poles from neighbouring villages. Those who fail to protect their maypole are obliged to invite the thieves over on May 1 for free beer and traditional food.

In my parents area, the South of Germany, a young man would bring his girlfriend some fresh cut branches, or even a young tree with new leaves and leave it next to the front door during the night before the 01.Mai, to show his love. My mom remembered my Dads gesture for life, it’s the little things that create memories and are precious for ever. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You are right @Dagmar it‘s the little things :wink:. Thanks for sharing the story :pray:

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